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Artic Foxx
White Arabian-X - 15.2hh
Sire: WRA Shah Elegance (Arabian) - Dam: Blue Bonnet (Tennesee Walking Horse)
Shipped Semen Available

Contact: Lucky B Arabians - Wanda Berry-Hill
Nuevo, CA - Phone: 909.928.9718

Some offspring - Note the remarkable color changes in the Pinto colt - "Hot Sun Dej"

Hot Sun Dej - Foal


One year

18 months

More photos coming ...


Owner comments: Foxx is a very rare pure white, dark eyed, pink skinned, Ansata Arabian and Tennessee Walker stallion standing 15.2hh; started in dressage - Tested negative for Lethal White Overo at U.C., Davis, CA; Can not produce lethal white foal regardless of mare type, color or breed - One of the things that makes Foxx worth genetically researching is the fact that he has dark, almost black, eyes, his "spotless" pink skin and white hair. Most 'white' horses have blue eyes or partially blue/brown eyes and most have some color spotting on their skin, pigmentation around the mouth, genitals or eyes. Foxx has none of these characteristics and THAT is what interested geneticist, Dr. Gus Cothran, and others. The dark eyed pure whites are the really rare ones...something like one in 100,000 or so and their offspring are always "spontaneous results" and surprises. He is a true rarity of the horse world. Dr. Cothran was intrigued by Foxx when he learned that he has the nearly black eyes and yellow hooves without any dark streaks, AND spotless pink skin and white hair coat. According to Dr. Sponenberg's book, "Equine Color Genetics," these dark eyed whites are caused by a single dominant gene and they are all heterozygotes, capable of producing colored foals as well as white foals. And again, some of them have dark skin spotting, but Foxx doesn't have any spots at all - not in his mouth or any other place they could hide... there are none.

Foxx has sired a uniquely (and ever-changing) colored Pinto out of a tobiano Anglo-Arabian mare and an Appaloosa colt out of an Ansata pure black Arabian mare. Foxx may produce pure white foals as well as colored foals.